Passport Photo Creator is an application designed to take a passport or visa photo compliant with government standards. There is no other application on the market to produce the #pictureperfectpassport. Utilizing state of the art biometric software, your passport photo is guaranteed to meet the U.S. Department of State passport photo requirements with a 99% accuracy rate. Once you take your passport photo and it meets all of the U.S. Department of State passport compliance standards, you print to Walgreens with your choice of over 8000 Walgreens locations. The added benefit of using the Passport Photo Creator app is that you can take the passport photo as many times as you desire- until you are happy with how your passport photo will look- all while making sure it meets the strict compliance requirements set by the government passport photo standards.

Ultimately, the U.S. Department of State Passport Agencies (and any embassy or consulate for visa photos) can reject your photo and application for any reason they deem fit. The Passport Photo Creator cannot guarantee that your passport photo will be accepted every time. You should review your passport photo prior to submitting your passport application to make sure it meets the requirements and is an accurate representation of your current appearance.